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Cyan Nozzles Showing Banding




It seems that my printhead on my Canon TS8050 is failing judging by what I am seeing on the cyan printout:




As you can see, the cyan nozzles are gradually failing exactly towards the middle of the head - the nozzle check printout shows exactly the same but the above shows the issue more clearly.  I have tried a printer Reset All and numerous head cleans with no affect at all.  The printer shows it has the latest firmware installed.


I created a BAT file that sends the nozzle check spool file (that I made a copy) every 55 hours to the printer to mitigate head blockages even when the printer is not being used regularly.  The printer is set to quiet mode to mitigate head overheating.


So my question is, has anyone seen this issue before and is there a fix - other than replacing the printhead?





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