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Clogged Pixma mx922


Got message and signs of clogged printhead.  (Black vertical lines).  All colors except black print fine. Tried to clean  the printhead following several methods described on line  (could find no printhead cleaning kits locally).   Black still not working.  However,  if I print with certain programs the black works fine (for example a screen short, or a photo printed from windows photo).  I guess this means that only one of the black ink tanks has the clogging problem (or whatever!)


Anyway, for the present,  if I want to print anything in black and white, I have to get it into screenshor or windows photo or whatever else may work.  . 


I guess that my answer is to wait for the cleaning kit that ordered online to get here so that I can hopefully get the black in both thanks working again.  (Of course, it may be that something has gone wong with the printhead itself.  Then I do not think I shall buy another.  They are terrible expensive, and I still have a means of printing in black if I make a few moves.)


Thanks for reading.  Any help will be appreciated.



Rising Star

Hi Bigclyde,


To troubleshoot this issue, I would recommend reseating the print head followed by one cleaning.


Click HERE for illustrations and information on reseating the print head.

Click HERE for informaiton on cleaning the printer.