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Canon Pixmas MG7720 GetPrinterIDs Will Not Work


I just upgraded to the latest version of Mac OS Mojave (10.14.5) and the following message appeared on my desktop concerning my Canon Pixmas MG7720 printer:


“GetPrinterIDs” is not optimized for your Mac and needs to be updated.”


This software will not work with future versions of macOS and needs to be updated to improve compatibility. Contact the developer for more information.


I cannot find email support for Canon, so I'm posting to this forum. I love this printer and do not want to have to put it out to pasture when it works fine. I just checked the driver downloads and there have been no new driver software has been posted for this printer. Does anyone know if Canon plans to upgrade the driver software for this printer to make it compatible with future versions of Mojave?


Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me!



This is what I found when visiting the support page for the MG7720


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Bay Area - CA
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Rising Star

Hi SoonerFan,


To resolve this issue, update the CUPS Driver from the Canon Website. Click HERE to access the driver.

Thank you for your reply. This is the driver that I have now and received the notification on after updating to the latest version of Mojave.


I noted the driver was from 2018 (last year) which is why I pointed you to contact Canon.  You had said this was the driver you had installed in your original post.  I'd make the request.  If you don't it might be sometime (or never) before Canon updates the driver.  They won't fix what they don't know is broken.


Of course Apple might fix this as well , but I wouldn't hold my breath for that. 

Bay Area - CA
~6D2(v1.1.1) ~Many Lenses ~DxO PhotoLab Elite ~Windows10 Pro ~EVGA RTX 3080Ti FTW3 Ultra ~ImageClass MF644Cdw ~Pixel6 ~R5C On Order