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Canon Pixma MG5450 Will not power up.


Hi Everyone,


I am having issues with my Canon MG5450. It was working perfectly and then suddenly died, I did some googling and decided to replace the PSU. This made no difference. I also eventaully found a video describing how to test my old PSU and that seemed fine too. I put it down to a faulty logic board so decided to buy another identical macjine on eBay. I toook a gamble on a machine that worked but was printing streaks across the paper. I suspected that this could be the print head and given I had a perfectly working printer (well not now....) with a good print head thought I could just swap it out. 


The "new" machined arrived. It powered up and worked fine with the exception of the fault described. i.e. streaks when printing. I removed the print head and installed the one from my old machine. The printer powered up and i decided to make a copy to test. So I put something on the scanner bed and hit copy, the scanner activated but as it went to print it just died! No power at all. I de-powered and waited 10 minutes and tried again. Exactly the same thing happened!!! Only now it WILL NOT power up at all........just like my old machine.


Is it possible that it was actually the old print head causing the issues all along and that has fried BOTH logic noards now?


Any suggestions would be much appreciated as I am slowly gathering a pile of these things!!





Hi, hifly!

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