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pixma ts9120...insufficient disk space mssg


Running win10 for pixma ts9120, new user for few months, printed couple dozen disc hubs successfully from my image garden, recently getting 'cannot continue due to insufficient disk space'.     Why ?  How do I clear condition ?  thankyou



Hi delray.


When designing a disc label, the layout and image are saved as a file on the computer's hard disc.  This error can occur either if your security software is preventing the program from writing information to the hard disc, if My Image Garden as a program has not been given sufficient privileges to write to the destination folder (a problem that sometimes occurs after security software updates or Mac OS system updates), or if the computer is running out of hard drive space.


For the first and second causes, double-check that the security software is not blocking or flagging My Image Garden when this error occurs.  In the second case, also open My Image Garden's settings and try changing the destination folder and ensure it's saving to one that's not locked or blocked.


In the third case, when the hard drive does not have enough space, you'll need to free up space by moving files off of the computer, deleting files, or uninstalling programs.


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