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Canon PIXMA TS8220 printers do NOT print from bottom cassette tray


All our Canon Pixma TS8220 printers cannot print from bottom paper cassette tray.

Our TS8220 printers are new, just purchased from Bestbuy online on March 26, 2020.


The printers set default print paper source from back tray. We have to feed paper one page at one time.

We are unable to set TS8220 paper source to bottom cassette tray.


In fact, there is NO paper source setting at the printer. Even we set the PC software to source paper from bottom cassette tray. But the printer did not get this setting. It only source paper from back tray.


We google search and found Canon TS8220 printers had this exact unable to print from bottom paper cassette tray problems since 2013. Numerous complain continues since 7 years ago. No reply ever since from Canon.


We are angry. We are mad. We are furious Canon has not response to this problem. We are shamed of such company with lousy product and 2013 defects unresolved.





Wow! We're really sad to hear you got such poor search results!


The PIXMA TS8220 has only been in production since September, 2018. So, if those reviews were from 5 years before it was even produced, they are likely from fraudulent sources.


We've included a link to the free PIXMA TS8220 User's Manual available through our website here:  Please review pages 97 - 102 of the PIXMA TS8220 User's Manual (Loading Paper>Loading Paper in the Cassette)  


This will show you how to load the paper and select the correct paper source and size settings on the printer's control panel. You'll need to set the printer's bottom paper cassette to be the default with paper size settings of "LTR" (letter size 8 1/2" x 11")


If further assisstance is needed, you can find personalized technical support options for your PIXMA TS8220 under your Canon Account at: You can also reach our friendly US-based printer technical support at: 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) Monday-Friday from 8 am-8 pm ET. Thank you for reaching out to us.We hope this helps!



This is obviously NOT loading paper in the bottom cassette tray problem.


This is the exact SAME Canon printer problem since 2013. There is NO way to set the paper source to bottom paper cassette tray. This Canon printer, like exact predecessor, default to print one page at a time from the back tray.


Canon keep answer this problem is paper loading. Tone deaf.

NO, NO, NO. if your printer has so many numerous bottom paper cassette tray paper loading problem unsolved since 2013, something serious wrong with your printer. 

Hi jgy2001,


If you are using letter sized plain paper, the PIXMA TS8220 will most certainly print from the cassette.


What version of Windows is installed on your computer?   If you are using a Mac, what version of OSX is installed?




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Windows 7 64 bits.


We have quite a few people load the letter size paper in the cassette.

We check the back tray and make sure it closed.


No, we are UNABLE to print TS8220 from the bottom cassette.


We are UNABLE to SET the paper source to bottom cassette tray.

Becuase Canon TS8220 has NO paper source setting. ALL previous models also did NOT have paper source setting option.



Hi jgy2001 and elonzo.


The paper settings for the TS8220 may be found in the printer's Setup menu >> Device Settings >> Feed Settings.  You may confirm the cassette settings are to the same size of paper you are selecting.  Please also keep in mind that A4 and Letter sizes, while very close in size, are not the same paper size.


If the paper is not feeding regardless of the slot in which it is placed, or if it is regularly jamming, make sure it is plain paper intended for inkjet printers.  Paper designed only for laser printers may be too slick to feed reliably, and not absorbent enough for inkjet printing. If the paper is made with inkjet printers in mind, try performing a roller cleaning.  This will restore the roller's grip, and then test feed a sheet through the printer.


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No, Canon do NOT allow setting paper source set to bottom paper cassette tray. This is the ONLY problem Canon printers default to the back feed trays one page each time, since previous models in 2013.


Many people has tried to load all different letter size paper in many TS8220 printers in many offices across many different states, All same result. Canon only know how to blame NOBODY know how to load paper in the bottom paper cassette tray.


Canon has been tune deaf on this same exact problem ever since 2013. That is 7 years ago.


We gave up.

I have the same problem here. Not only that but no matter how much plain brand new letter paper I put into the cassette I get a support code 1003 telling me there’s no paper. Then when I load one sheet at a time into the rear tray it jams. Every. Single. Time.

Yeah I spoke with a canon specialist over the phone and he informed me that there was nothing I could do but send my printer in exchange for a new one. So the problem will never be fixed and I’ll be getting a different brand printer altogether after just 6mo of using the canon.

Darius, why do you cite a Canon TS8220 menu section/path where to set the feed setting when no such menu exists? Not on my unit. None. Please tell me where you believe such a menu exists? If it is indeed within the TS8220, then can you cite the firmware version?