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Canon G6000 Printer Not Using Blue Ink


Hello, We have a rather new Canon G6000 printer, bought within the last year, that is already giving us trouble. It will not put out any blue ink. All the other colors are working just fine but not the blue. I have tried everything I can possibly find in the online manual and every cleaning method and reinstallation of the cartridges and everything they have suggested but nothing has improved the problem. Any ideas before I sit on customer service for hours trying to figure it out? Thanks in advance 



It looks like this post is months old and no replies. Sorry. I was just going to say that this seems to me like a common problem from my own experience and online threads. I have had this problem with my G-6020 twice in the last six months. The Canon manual always says "Clean the print heads twice. If that doesn't work, try a Deep Cleaning. If that doesn't work, do a system flush" (which uses huge amounts of ink). The simple print head cleaning never seems to help. The Deep Cleaning has helped, but afterwards a color that was fine before now has streaks. I read other people describing the same experience. It seems doubtful that the printhead is actually clogged, because in my experience if I come back the next day, it will partially print again. If the Nozzle Check shows NO blue one day, but the next day some blue is printing again, it seems the problem must be different than a dirty or clogged head. I wish Canon would take better responsibility for the problem and recommend something other than Cleaning or Flush.

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