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CanoScan LiIDE 110 - how do I actually scan at 2400dpi


How do I actually SCAN with the CanoScan LiDE 110 at the resolution it's supposed to be able to do? I need to scan full pages at 2400 dpi, and the only access Photoshop CS6 has to the device is WIA, which won't even let me scan above 300 dpi (wtf?). Using the ScanGear driver, I can set the dpi to 2400, but then the bloody thing warns me that "the image will be over 100MB". OF COURSE IT IS GOING TO BE OVER 100MB, that's what I bought it for!


Please also explain how to unlock the driver so it lets you scan to more than 10,001 x 10,001. Is this a hardware limit, or a software limit? Because a 2400dpi scan on an entire document is over 20400x27500px so why can't it do that? If your own software can't, which software can?


How do I actually do serious scanning with this device, instead of hand-held meaningless low-dpi scanning?


(on windows 7 64bit, with 24GB ram, terabytes of space. A full page scan at 2400dpi is only 1.6GB)