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after a year off, trying latest DPP - Busy cursor most of the time, usability issues

Rising Star

Windows 10 with a fast processor, fast GPU, 64Gig RAM, two 1TB SSDs.  Default directory selected to have no images.

DPP still gives me a busy cursor most of the time.  What a crap piece of software.  It does everything I want, but the usability stinks.  It was the same story on my last computer. Is it smooth for everyone else?  Please let me know.

If it's not just me, why has there been no attempt to fix it.  Well, I will go back to my old faithful DXO Photolab.  I wouild really like to have those focus points and other goodies !!



Just to add a tip on top of the good advice that you just mentioned...

If you are like me you might upload all of your RAW files from the SD card straight into Lightroom (or another editor).  For the few RAW files that I do want to do some minor tweaks to in DPP, I make copies of the RAW files and place them on my desktop for DPP.  That way if anything goes wrong, I still have the original file.  Anything I want to keep I'll export, and move the export files to LR, and the rest I can easily delete from the desktop since they are only copies.  

This is only a good solution for those of us that just hunt for a dozen or so scattered photos to edit in DPP out of the thousands that are in the main folders.


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