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WiFi features and Android Lollipop


Hi, A few weeks ago, I bought a Canon Camera. One of the main reasons for why I chose it was because you can connect the camera directly to any android device and copy your pics and videos. Unfortunately, this feature is still not compatible with any lollipop device. As a matter of fact, the firsts android L development preview were released on July 2014, i.e. 7 months ago. I've seen another post for this same issue (here), but there's only one reply from Canon on Dec 24. So I want you to please give us an official answer of what's going on with this and when is going to be released.

Thanks for your promptly solution.



First and foremost: this is a user forum, you're not going to get an official statement on anything here.


Second, what camera are you using, what app?


My Galaxy S5 hasn't been updated yet, but a look at the EOS Remote app says it supports 5.0 (Lolipop).  I see from some of the comments that there's been some issues since the update, but that's par for course for any major software change.  Regardless of the first Androids being released with 5.0, you can't expect third party manufacturers to stay current with state of the art, especially on this sort of thing.  The general public with "old" devices - that is, ones not purchased in the last couple of months - are just now getting the update rolled out. 


Lastly: again, I don't know what kind of camera you have, but my experience with the 6D is that RAW files are way, way, way too big to waste time with wireless transfer.  I love WiFi for controlling my camera and seeing Live View, but when it comes to downloading I simply pull out my SD card and stick it in my computer.  Just a thought.

Thanks for your answer. They just fixed it.

How and when did they fix it, because I'm still having the same issues!!