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R3 Bluetooth connect when powered off


One of the features that interests me greatly is the ability to remotely power on the R3 and pull images onto my Android phone without having to dig it out of my camera bag.

[Disclaimer: I only got the camera yesterday, so still very new. Long time 1 series shooter, coming from 1Dx-1]

I did see it working once but after upgrading the firmware from 1.1.1 to 1.7.1 it no longer works. The Bluetooth symbol is showing on the camera when powered down, but when I try to connect from CCC and press the 'Reconnect' button, it gives me Bluetooth as the only option, then tells me to 'Operate the camera to initiate the connection'.  Sure, as soon as I turn on the camera it all connects, but that wasn't the point.

I've tried clearing the camera settings, reinstalling the app, but no change.




I may be talking out my hat, but I don't think you can turn your camera remotely. You have to physically turn the little switch.

Steve Thomas

I swear I'm not imagining it! Of course, I also now cannot find the reference online to this function - still looking. But it worked yesterday - the camera was off, it powered up when I connected from CCC and was able to pull off a test shot. It makes sense - the camera is never truly off when Bluetooth or GPS are active. Low power Bluetooth can easily listen out for a connection request.

Still looking for that reference ...


It could have been that your camera was in an Auto Power Off State. You can set the timer for when that occurs in your menu system.

The camera isn't really off, it just goes into a hibernation state and you can wake it up by pressing one of several buttons.

Steve Thomas


I don’t have the R3, but in the past I have successfully connected to my switched off EOS R6 while it was in a camera bag and been able to download images. So it’s a function that worked in the past. I haven’t tried it lately though. 

Brian - Canon specialist trainer, author and photographer
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