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Image Browser EX is slow to launch


When I upgraded from ZoomBrowser EX to ImageBrowser EX, The new browser takes 10 times longer to load photos. Is this normal?


Yes, I quit using Image Browser and use Windows Photo Gallery to import and edit my photos.

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I do not know beacuse I never had the Zoom browser; however, this is just a guess...perhaps it could be lack of RAM for your computer? Because your images (assuming they are high resolution or raw) are very large in space, therefore using your Ram memory to produce your images on screen. Now I don't know what kind of Computer/Hardware you have, but that is my idea behind this. If that isn't the case, then you may  want to contact Canon technical support via email and see what their stance on the software being slow is.

EOS Rebel T4i
EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II
EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II
(2) B+W 5.8 010 UV - Haze 1x MRC (F - PRO Series filter)
HOYA 58mm HMC Multi-Coated ND8 Filter

The RAM is not an issue. I have 6 Gb. I downloaded photos from my PowerShot SX160 IS and opened the Image Browser. I then switched to the Zoom Browser and opened it. The photos were up and running within seconds. I switched back to Image Browser and it was still loading.

I have the same issue.  Wonder whether you have found a way to resolve it?

Yes, I quit using Image Browser and use Windows Photo Gallery to import and edit my photos.

Thanks for letting me know!


I use an imaging SDK to open, load, process and save my photos. The evaluation version is free of charge and you may have a try.


This new software is junk. The old zoombrowser would load new images in seconds and the new crap takes 30-60 minutes. I have a new top fo the line fastest HP workstation you can buy. I gave up and just use Windows explorer with thumbnails.

Dear Canon, Your software is crap.


Also just downloading the images is 10 times more work. Before I plugged in camera and it did it all, removes images from camera without interaction. Unplug camera.

Now I have to OK the "auto" download, then OK when done, then OK to close it.  *Removed per forum guidelines:


This is my last Canon, you SUCK!

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