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How best to increase exposure


We were at the Palm Springs Air Museum Memorial Day event (Worth a look if photographing WWII planes up close is your bag*) Anyway, since my Son is taking a Digital Photography class and has a Photojournalism assignment coming up, I let him use the T6S to take some pictures. Someone must have hit the QCD** and set the exposure to -3, so some of the images are underexposed.


These are JPEGS, so would it be better to use ACR and the expsoure adjustment or Photo Shop Elements Enhance and then Lighten or something else?


I will probably try both, but wanted to see if there were any suggestions for something I might have missed.





** People say it is such a great thing, but it has only caused me grief. I have just set the lock.)


Why are you endorsing yourself? This is an *old* thread.


And to answer the query above, I faced a similar issue later and found that Apple Photos Auto Ehance did indeed do the best job.

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