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Firmware Update for T2i with CA Correction?


Can we expext a firmware update for the T2i that includes in camera CA correction?

This is included in the firmware update for the 7D that also uses the Digic 4 processor (in dual configuation).



I wouldn't hold your breath.  They're not going to fix something unless it's broken, and even then, they'd have to admit that it was broken.   It's not quite as bad at the higher end cameras, but they seem to be striving to establish a cell-phone level of planned obsolescence with the Rebel line.  The T2i is what, three generations old by now?  Nah, Canon wants you to renew your contract for another two years and buy the latest.


7D is a special case, they did it to "prolong" its cycle because there is no replacement yet. T2i already got T3i, T4i and T5i already. Even T4i would not see any update in firmware in the future (I think).

However, if you capture RAW format, you can use Canon DPP software to correct CA post. Or software like Lightroom, Photoshop can do it too even on JPEG.

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