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EOS Utility?


Took a few minutes last night to browse through DPP4. Noticed something about EOS Utility. Searched and read through the info in it. Worth downloading? How does it tie into DPP4? TIA.



I don't use it. MacOs handles all my downloading needs. It is mainly useful for tethering.

If you shoot Jpeg's, the EOS Utility is an important tool to have because it has a function for "Camera Settings" which includes the "Lens registration Tool". It is the only way you can add lens correction data to your camera when a new lens is released.  You can only have a maximum of 40 lenses registered, so it is also important to be able edit which lens data you want to store on the camera.   



"Camera Settings" can also be used for registering copyright information to the camera. 



Save your lens aberration data using the EOS Utility 









Mike Sowsun

Thanks. Seems like it won't necessarily fit my needs. BTW, what is tethering? Seen the term but no familiat with it. Thanks for your replies.


Tethering is where you connect your camera to a computer (or even iPad/tablet) and take images via software running on that computer/tablet.


I've never done this myself, but I believe you can tether via Adobe Lightroom.  Another quite popular tethering piece of software is Capture One.


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re-eos, thanks. I download photos with a chip reader in the USB port. Only thing is I downloaded two photos in RAW/jpg to experiement with DPP4 and RAW but can't locate them! jpg came out OK.


Mike, I have shot photos in jpg but my camera has RAW, jpg and a combo of RAW/jpg. On recommendation of several in the community, they say I need learn to edit RAW with DPP4 f or publications.

Thanks to all.


@Tintype_18 wrote:

Thanks. Seems like it won't necessarily fit my needs. 

Do you ever shoot Jpeg? Or do you only shoot RAW?

Mike Sowsun
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