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EOS Utility detects Canon R6 but not Lightroom on Macbook Pro Max M2


Hello! This is a little strange situation. I always tether on lightroom through all my Windows computers. Recently I have been attempting to do so with my canon R6 and it does not work. Lightroom keeps saying detecting camera, and my camera displays just the battery and a computer screen icon when I try to do so. So now I have attempted a workaround, where I do connect to EOS Utility for remote shooting and auto-import images. This is much slower and even if I have a workaround, i'd like to know if there's any solutions to keep tethering through lightroom directly. I am at version 13.0.1, I have updated my canon firmware as well. Any ideas?



I do not know how it works on a Mac because I stopped using mine.  On a Windows machine only one app at a time can access the camera on the USB port.

Under Windows, you have to shut down the EOS Utility and a Windows Service that runs in the background looking for a camera connection. EOS Utility Launcher Service.


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