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Why doesn't canon update drivers for Mac OS?


I forgot that canon does not update drivers and updated to Sonoma 14.1.1 and there isn't a driver update yet. this is ridiculous and has me wanting to leave canon altogether. I use my canon to stream on my computer, streamyard and now i can't use it to stream and who knows when they will update. very frustrating



It would be helpful if you could identify your Canon product for us.  You mentioned streaming, so I suspect this is a camera.  Are you using the webcam pro utility?  More information is needed.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III, MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1,  EOS camera no longer shows up in Zoom. It was doing fine in MacOS 14.0 (as I recall) and MacOS 13.


to the first point (what the hell is this **bleep** that you have to pay for simple image transfer?
OK, let's leave that aside.
OSX 14.1.1 Webcam pro 2.0.30 in the problem the cam is not recognized after a lot of back and forth. but I can't find the camera in OBS, Skype, Teamviewer or anywhere else. It also doesn't appear in the system control under cameras (EOS 5d Mark IV) tethering cabel


This is a Mac OS problem not a Canon problem. It happens every time Apple updates the Mac OS. As a Mac user you should be used to it. Just hope that's the only thing that doesn't work. Canon will address it as soon as they figure out what Apple has done.

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Clearly this is a Canon problem. Webcams of all types can still be recognized without any problems. And if Canon wants money for such a cheap tool, they should also work on making it work and then really without delay. Everything else is a pure rip-off

Apple has a beta program specifically for this purpose, so if you develop Mac OS software you have an opportunity to know that your software will be broken by upcoming Mac OS releases, before your customers find out.  I agree that it is annoying that Mac OS changes frequently break existing software and require them to be upgraded. But that's not an excuse for being sloppy on Canon's side, by not participating in the beta program and tracking changes that Apple makes.


The conflict did not come from Canon. It came because of Mac OS change. It is a common but certainly a problematic issue if you use a Mac computer.

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This is a constantly recurring topic in these forums.  Apple releases an OS update, which breaks apps and pre-existing codebase.  It happens all the time, to smart phones a laptops alike.

Apple owners almost universally feel it is the responsibility for third party apps to immediately release updates to keep up with the constantly changing Apple Operating Systems.  It’s not.  Apple charges licensing fess to companies to develop spps for the Apple platforms.  With each OS update that breaks existing apps, the third party companies must pay a new licensing fee to Apple before they upgrade their apps AND have it posted to the Apple Store.

BTW.  It is the full responsibility of the end user to look before you leap.  Do not be so eager to update your OS before finding out what impact the update will have on our apps.

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Unlike over 20 years ago, the fee for developing apps and applications with Apple is effectively zero.  $99 per year for all Apple devices and an unlimited number of software titles.

There are two types of software companies out there.  Those that are proactive and those that are reactive.

Apple makes all newer OS versions available as early as June of each year (developer previews, betas, etc.).  Those companies that are proactive (like both my day job company and for my home business), will check if existing software has issues with the newer OS versions and plan accordingly.

We all know what happens with reactive companies.


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