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EOS Remote for Windows Phone 8


Are there any plans on releasing a version of the EOS Remote software for Windows Phone 8 in the near future?



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Whoa, lucky I checked this before my purchase. Since there is no app for my phone to support the remote features or the new wifi 70D features, the features are useless to me and thus has swayed me to purchase a Nikon. Thanks Canon for helping me with this difficult decision.


Been waiting for half a year for an update on this for my new DSLR purchase. Today, I made the switch to Nikon.

@fraza wrote:

Been waiting for half a year for an update on this for my new DSLR purchase. Today, I made the switch to Nikon.

Like Nikon support windows phone Smiley Very Happy

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@hsbn wrote:

@fraza wrote:

Been waiting for half a year for an update on this for my new DSLR purchase. Today, I made the switch to Nikon.

Like Nikon support windows phone Smiley Very Happy


Nikon might not support Windows Phone, but any feature involving EOS Remote Canon touts is essentially negated for a Windows Phone user.  Thus, if Canon feels EOS Remote offers some useful features in the connectivity department with certain cameras over Nikon, for Windows Phone owners they are not even a consideration.


You know what has a really good Windows Phone camera app?  The Lumia 1020 with 41MP camera, or the Lumia Icon with 20MP camera.  Canon is not exactly doing a stellar job of proving they can compete with cell phone cameras taking over the market by failing to release an app at all for the 3rd most popular cellular phone OS in the US, and 2nd most popular phone OS in India.


They also aren't doing those heavily invested in the system any favors either by their failure to provide even a basic Windows Phone and Windows 8 Touch app.


Given Canon's size, it is truly amazing they cannot find the money to develop for such a large amount of end users.  Obviously people care or this thread would not exist.


Long time Windows Phone user and long time Canon user. Multiple SX models, a 5D Mark I, and coming in the mail as I type is my new 70D. It would be really nice if I had an app on my Windows Phone to remote control my new 70D when it gets here. Alas that may not be the case, but I hold out hope that it will be so in the near future.


I just bought Canon 70D. And I would like to have this app for windows phone 8.

Please let us know if you have any change in the decision to make an app for Windows phone 8.


Just registered to add my voice to the request for a WP8 app.


Come on Canon, it's incredibly lame that you have not responded to your customers!




I would love to see a Windows version of the software already as well Canon! C'Mon Man!!

The sad part of all of this is that Canon hasn't even upgraded their app for iphone and android.

Most reviews say it needs polish - and here we are a year later and nothing.


What's going to happen is that Nikon and Sony are going to come out with an incredibly robust app for phones with an elegant and intuitive interface - and kick Canon's proverbial A** from here to Timbuktu. Then Canon will be in defense mode, when they've had an opportunity to constantly get themselves out there and noticed.


If I was in charge of marketing, I'd can the lot of them. I'd get these engineers in gear and do what is HONESTLY a very simple task. Doing something this simple would get the community talking - less about the lack of sensor technology and more about something that's actually helpful as a tool.


I hang around photo forums all the time, and the wifi is well regarded as a half-baked why won't they do something(?) addition to the EOS line. People get it, then wonder why they bothered.


Even worse, Canon doesn't seem to want to let anybody else develop third party versions either. Even this would be helpful to their product line. I still love my Windows phone, and don't see changing any time soon. But, their app is pretty much useless for tablets (I mentioned this AGES AGO), another lost opportunity.


You'd almost think Canon was some company with a bunch of stoned surfer dudes working out of their garage. Anybody notice that GoPro had a fully functional app for Windows phones within a month of them hitting the stores? Sad, really.

I'm not defensing Canon. I have Nokia windows phone and Ipad. I wish there were an app for my phone and better app for ipad. But like you said "Nikon and Sony ARE GOING TO COME OUT with an incredibly app." I don't have Nikon/Sony so I don't know, but according to your words they don't have anything either. So from the business perspective, why should Canon hurry up and revamp their app?
It's sad but true.
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