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EOS Remote for Windows Phone 8


Are there any plans on releasing a version of the EOS Remote software for Windows Phone 8 in the near future?



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Dear Canon-Team!

I'm planning to buy the new 70D, but without an app for WP8 or Windows 8.1 it doesn't make sense to me, since I would buy it because of the WIFI feature (as an major argument).

Please re-think your decision of not developing such an app.



I have been a Canon enthusiast for years. Back when I shot with film, I used an AV-1 and an AE-1 Program. I used the G series for compact, carry-around cameras and several different of their dSLRs.


Just 3 or 4 weeks ago, when I decided it was time to update the dSLR that I was using, I didn't even look at any of the other brands because all of my lenses are Canon. I decided to go with the 6D, it seemed to be the best bang-for-the-buck and had several cool features that I was looking forward to trying. I, foolishly, just assumed that it would work with Lumia phone as there have been an increasing number of apps for that platform being released by companies far smaller than Canon.


If I looked into it more and found out that their app wasn't released for WP, would I still have bought the 6D? I'm honestly not sure, but I can say that I'm very very disappointed in Canon for this.

adding myself as canon enthiousiast user... unhappy to see that the EOS remote app is not available on the WP app store...

The sad thing is they're not even continuing development on the apps at all. You'd think the iPad would be a natural, but not that. Of course my GoPro has windows phone capability - and did before I even got my windows phone a year ago!


I wonder why come out with WiFi other than to have a feather in their cap. You can bet that the next generation of DSLR's from Nikon will have not only WiFi, but support for every phone and every tablet there is. And good software to boot.


I could easily have made the switch to Nikon when I went full frame with the 6D, and Sigma makes fantastic lenses now too. Since WiFi is a useless feature what difference would it make if I'd have gotten a D610?


Best part is they seem to be blocking third party folks from developing apps for the windows phone too. Disappointing, yes.


Would like to see EOS remote app available on the WP app store soon. Canon please hear...


If Canon is serious about listening to the feedbacks…please reply with an answer  “Are there any plans on releasing a version of the EOS Remote software for Windows Phone 8 in the near future?”


I registered to say that it sucks.

I spoke to a UK Canon representative at a consumer show about this again a couple of weeks ago. It was after the Windows 8.1 mobile launch so hoped that there would at least be a hint of good news.


He may not speak for the whole of Canon, but quite clearly said (paraphrasing):


"As far as I know it is not planned, because Windows Phone users are switching to Android and iOS"


If he had just said "I don't know" or "I can't confirm it at the moment" then it would be understandable, but to also give a reason why it won't happen is not good news at all.


Canon - there is clearly demand for this, Windows 8.1 OS is more unified than Android so there are less phone models and manufacturers to test with, the fact that it's available in Windows but not Mobile is simply rediculous. It seems that you just can't be bothered and I'm wondering what the WIFI on my 6D is thinking it is supposed to be used for.......

   "As far as I know it is not planned, because Windows Phone users are switching to Android and iOS"


So if Canon isn't lying to themselves, they're just lying to their reps. I didn't know I was switching back. I've never been as happy with a phone - and I've had them all.


Canon can't be bothered obviously, and as I stated on my last post - they're going to get eaten by Sony and Nikon because they're just sitting around resting on laurels they don't have. They introduce WiFi, bring out a half-baked app for Android/iOS phones (and it is half-baked, make no mistake it's barely functional) and leave it there. Nothing for tablets (another no-brainer) and nothing for Windows Phone (a growing segment with younger people).


So, instead of getting growth from people jumping on the bandwagon with a Camera system that has fantastic working WiFi apps with all systems, they're going to sit and wait for Sony to beat them to the punch. Sony and Nikon will have WiFi in their next generation cameras that works with all tablets and phones - a great app with a gorgeous and intuitive interface.Canon will suddenly get all serious and  try to play catch-up. But, it will be too late. They can't even fix the one they've got for iOS and Android, so how are they going to even "port" a windows EOS utility?


I expect as much from the geniuses coming out of most business schools these days. I've seen enough in action. They've got the engineers, but not the smarts.

I just registered to say that this sucks! 😞


It's not about money (there must be one boss with too big balls, I say):

Visual Studio Express versions are FREE and available for Windows Phone development.

To publish to the Windows Store there is a $49 annual account fee. For the Windows Phone Store, it's a separate account that has a $99 annual fee.

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