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EOS Remote for Windows Phone 8


Are there any plans on releasing a version of the EOS Remote software for Windows Phone 8 in the near future?



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This maybe the good sign that we'll have a window app for Canon EOS soon.
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Same problem here.

I am a windows phone user, and planning to buy a EOS 6D. However the absense of windows phone app makes the WiFi feature pretty useless. If I have to buy a new iPhone for this, I'd rather save that money and get a Nikon D800


I would pay money for that app too.

One more.

I also pay for that.

Hi guys!!
Anything new? Have you obtained how to develop the app? Or will Canon develop an app? Don't think so... But I hope so!

I have the source code of the PTP 2.0 library, used to communicate via TCP to the Canon (D70) device. I also have a development license for Windows phone 8.1. Plan is to autodetect the wifi of the Canon, and connect to it.

First step would be a bulk shot. Later on more functionality such as setting basic functions (iso, f-stop, shutter time, ...)

Advanced stuff would be to use your touchscreen of your phone as it was on your Canon itself. 

But first things first, connecting to the Canon 🙂

Cool!!! So you succed connecting it? Or you are just trying right now? 😃
Do you have a Twitter account to follow you and check the progress? 😃

I have registered a domain name to have a project homepage. I will post it here when the site is running. I am doing this just to show Canon they forget a large growing community.

Excellent. Would you post the source code on Github? I might see if I can tinker with it if I can.