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EOS Rebel T7 Can't connect the camera to Wi-Fi


I just got a Rebel T7 and this is my first camera. I am trying to connect the camera to my wifi. I have registered and unregistered and registered again and again. I have changed my phone name... etc. I keep getting error messages that "Connection target not found." When I go back in to register my phone I cannot go forward and it keeps asking me to register my camera. Aargh!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Bgreenfield1988,

I'm sorry to hear your phone and camera aren't connecting. It would be good to double check the order of steps you are using to connect the devices. Sometimes if part of the set up is done out of order it can cause connection issues. Try these steps:

1) First the Canon Camera Connect App should be installed on the phone. Once installed don't open it or have it running in the background, we just need it installed at this point.

2) On the camera press the menu button and go to the third yellow wrench tab and select Wi-Fi Function.

3) Next choose Connect to Smartphone.

4) Now select Easy Connection and hit okay. Now the camera should be showing an SSID and an Encryption Key. Leave that screen on the camera.

5) On your smartphone pull up nearby wifi networks, you'll see one that matches the SSID listed on the camera. Select that and when it asks for a password enter the Encryption Key listed on the back of the camera.

6) Once the phone is on the network open the Canon Camera Connect app. Once the app is open in the top left will be a camera icon with a plus sign. Touch that icon, select your camera model, choose Wi-Fi Connection, put a check mark next to “Camera is now ready to connect”, and touch Next. On the next screen the app will detect the camera and show a pop up showing it detected the camera.

7) In the prompt select the name of the camera and now on the back of the camera it will ask if you want to connect to the smart phone. Select Okay and the connection will be established.

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