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EOS 60D Software Downloads


I have an EOS 60D that I bought about 12 years ago.  Can't find the "EOS Digital Solution Disc" that came with the Camera.  Looking online all I find is to download is "Digital Photo Professional".  Does this download replace the disc that came with my camera?




If you go to the Windows Vista page in the Canon support site for the 60D you can download a digital version of the CD that came with the camera.

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Just want to add.  There is nothing magical about the Software Solutions Disc that came with your camera 12 yrs ago.  In fact, I would not recommend installing (what might be considered) ancient software on a modern operating system.  Different hardware and software architecture might cause performance or compatibility issues.  For best results, choose your OS from the current downloads selector and install the versions intended for use with your current operating system.

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