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DPP insufficient memory


I have been using EOS Utility and DPP for editing my RAW images since I received my first Canon EOS Rebel. I upgraded to the R5 March 2023 and have continued to use DPP for editing and converting RAW images to Jpeg. Yesterday DPP stopped for "insufficient memory". I have the most current version. I move RAW and Jpeg images off to an external hard drive. but DPP keeps shutting down on me today for insufficient memory. and I am unable to reach anyone at Canon via Chat for help. What is wrong and how can I fix it?




Can you please share your computer specs with us?  Brand, model, CPU, memory and storage.

What OS version and build are you using DPP with?

Can you also confirm which version of DPP you have installed.  Latest is 4.18..x.

This might be related to the number of photos you are moving from your external drive to local storage in one operation, but we need more information to begin ruling things out.

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Thanks, Rick -- Here goes:
I'm using a Dell Desktop (not laptop) 
Processor: intel (R) W-2145 CPU @ 3.70 Ghz
Systm type: 64 Bit OSx64 Based processor
Windos 10 pro for workstations
Memory 32.GB installed 31.7 usable
Storage 216 GB used   259GB free
DPP version 4.18

Did I cover everything?
I upload whatever I do in a day's shoot most has been 200-300 raw images

DPP will cache data on disk. That cache size may be set in preferences, but it does not seem to me possible to set it large enough to edit 200 images at once. It has been my experience that DPP will sometimes crash and need to be restarted if I am editing a large number of images in one folder.

I exit DPP and restart after about 30 images. I expect that Canon software engineers could fix this by looking at the disk caching code which might not have been updated recently as raw files have gotten larger.

I use macOS and have 96 GB RAM.


I typically shoot sports with three 1DX series bodies and between the three I will often end up with over 2,000 RAW images after an event.  For editing, I dump them all into one folder on a HP "Z drive" which is a fast solid state drive that is on the processor bus in the HP Z series workstations.  This is a dual CPU machine with 256 megs per CPU and twin Nvidia workstation graphics cards.  I have never run into a lack of resources BUT DPP will grow in size over an editing session and even though it uses only a few percent of available RAM it becomes sluggish so that I have to exit and re-enter DPP around once per hour to get it back to normal speed.

To the OP, what else is running on your machine while you are running DPP?  Windows has become more of a memory hog with every iteration and if you add other tasks (like anti-virus/anti-malware) then 32 GB of memory gets chewed up pretty quickly forcing a lot of disk caching which is too slow for some operations.

If you are familiar with windows task manager (use ctrl + alt + del) to launch it and then go to the startup tab to see what programs are set to launch automatically at each start.  If you haven't disabled any of them, then there will be several garbage programs that launch automatically with Windows.  Every computer configuration is different so use Google to figure out which programs you can safely disable from auto starting.

Then take a look at the processes tab in task manager and click on the memory column to sort programs from the most to least memory hungry.  I was using DPP to edit 450 photos I took at an event earlier today using a pair of 1DX III bodies, after editing and then batch processing to RAW I see that DPP is consuming just over 5 GB of RAM which is insignificant in terms of available resources with this machine but it represents a lot of DPP bloat and if I were going to do further editing I would exit and relaunch DPP.  You will likely find some other programs consuming a lot of resources and some of them may need to be "killed" when you are running DPP.


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Product Expert

Due to the way DPP uses system resources to preview images, it can help to move some images into a new folder. Trying doing additional tests in folders that 50 images or less. 


Hi catu2484,

Your system appears to have adequate resources in order to run DPP. 

What are the steps you are performing when the insufficient memory error displays? 

Moving files from external to internal storage or vice versa?

Performing batch processing? Editing, such as applying a recipe to a large number of files or "convert and save" where you are converting a large number of RAW files to JPG?

Are you using any online storage?  OneDrive, Google Drive, Box or DropBox for storage or back up by chance?

If you have a screenshot of the actual error you receive this might be helpful

Also, please look at your System Event Log for information specific to your error


What programs are set to run at Boot?


What does your task Manager display.  Here are some examples:



Thanks for your answers.

Bay Area - CA

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I think Rodger and I are both looking for similar answers.  😀

We'll have to wait for a reply.  

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