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DPP - Extracting all images with one click from the raw burst image tool.


I want to be able to extract all images with one click from the raw burst image tool.


It's beyond ridiculous, let alone the complete lack of response by Canon to this issue and no ability to contact the right folks w/in Canon more directly about it. 


I posted about this exact same topic awhile back.  Burst mode is great for what I shoot, but terrible on the workflow side.  How Canon still doesn't have a feature, both in the camera and DPP, for a single-action extraction of all the images is beyond me.  And good luck getting ahold of any Canon person that can actually do something about it ☹️


Using only “one click” does not seem feasible.  At some point you must tell it which photos you want, and which photos you do not want.  At the very least it would require two clicks, [Select All] and [Extract].

If you do not wish to extract all images, then you will have to get down in the weeds and pull up the ones you want to keep, one by one.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

The problem with the Canon implementation of Burst Mode is that you can't 'Extract All', you just get an new roll containing all the photos merged together again.

In the Panasonic Lumix World, each photo in a Burst is saved as a separate JPEG/RAW on the card, so you can right-click and 'Save As', so yes, two-clicks is what we want...

Of course you eventually need to pick which  shots to keep. DPP is slow and a lot of people don't use it for this part of their process. They just want all the images out of there and they'll deal with it elsewhere. Having no option except extract one at a time is a problem though even if DPP was your only tool. It doesn't do a good job of loading previews into the full image, where moving to another and back often has it going back to the preview, and it's slower than other tools at doing it. I definitely want an extract all to use burst so I can just grab them all into another tool and make my selections there.


DNGLab as an alternative. You will get all raw files as DNG.

The command should be like:

convert --image-index all --embed-raw false RawBurst.CR3

Hi Peter, is there a link to the developers site available?

Are you asking about the DPP app?

No, logically of „convert“. 😉

Gotcha.  The github site is the place to go for that.

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