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Canon Utility fails tethered capture in Mac OS Catalina 10.15.2


It seems the latest mac os update 10.15.2 broke Canon's EOS Utility.  It no longer can see my camera after the OS update.  
Uninstalling and reinstalling has no effect.
as soon as the EOS Utility is run, the camera disconnects itself from the computer and reconnects after the EOS Utility closes/crashes just before it gives and error that it cannot connect to the camera. 
I hope Canon can fix this.  it was fine in 10.15.1


*** EDIT It works again with 10.15.3 Mac OS *** 

I seem to not be the only one 


Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3 update released today fixes the tethering issue.

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This is something that I will never understand.  Apple releases an update to their OS, which breaks apps left and right.  Apple users then lay blame for their broken apps at the feet of the companies whose apps have been broken.  


Why blame Canon when it is blatantly obvious that Apple released an update that broke the existing codebase.  To break your existing codebase is a cardinal sin when it comes to software development.  Yet, Apple users consistently give Apple a free pass.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Beta versions of the OS and this change has been known about for a while now.  there was no reason for this to happen. 
Personally i don't care who is to blame as long as they all get their s**t together and fix it. 

@patrickdsp wrote:

Beta versions of the OS and this change has been known about for a while now.  there was no reason for this to happen. 
Personally i don't care who is to blame as long as they all get their s**t together and fix it. 

You blamed Canon, not Apple, in your initial post.


It is my understanding that everything was fine in most Beta versions.  But Apple/s final release contained previously undocumented change(s), which broke apps left and right.  This is nothing new for Apple.  They have a long history of doing this.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Hoping Canon can fix it is more likley than Apple fixing it since it was a security fix on Apples part.  It's also not placing blame on Canon as the cause of it since it was working in 10.15.1 as i said already. 


İ have same problem.İ wrote adobe and apple community.Capture one 12 version its okey but 13 same problem.İ normaly using LR but now i cant use 

So Wadizzle, as a Mac developer, maybe you can answer a simple question for me? As a developer, do you think the problem that Canons EOS Utility simply wasn’t 64-bit clean? Or was the last build of EOS Code OK and it’s it the security signing thing? I ask because I had an old piece of beloved software that I thought I was going to lose access to (Create Disc Image, A utility I use for generating Sparse Disk Bundle clones) - but when I made contact with the developer, he responded with a 64-bit clean version update in less than 2 days!
Certainly that utility is nowhere near as complex as Canons EOS Utility, but that seemed to suggest that a cleanly coded 32-bit App, could be cleaned up (in a reasonable time period) for 64-bit use in at least some situations.
What say you?
Is it Canon not getting the old app code re-written in time? Or Apple breaking the installer for security signing reasons?

Be interested to read your thinking.


From Canon Services & Support:

"We apologize for our late reply to your last answer.

MacOS10.15.2 was released by Apple on December 11, 2019. Following operation checks performed with this version at Canon, we have confirmed a USB connection issue with “EOS Utility3.11.1 for Mac OS X” whereby the functions enabled by connecting a camera and a Mac device via USB cannot be used.

This issue does not occur on macOS10.15.0/10.15.1. We are currently preparing to release versions of these applications that incorporate a fix for this issue. For EOS cameras with Wi-Fi functionality, the camera can be remotely operated from EOS Utility via a Wi-Fi connection with the Mac computer. For details, please see the user manual.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and kindly ask for your patience."

This is a major inconvenience for those of us who shoot tethered. When will there be an update? And how will we be notified?

Your urgent attention to this matter would be appreciated.

Thank you.
I’m happy to wait for your team to address this issue and will simply continue to use my old laptop for tethered shooting until it’s fixed. I truly appreciate your taking the time to address this here in the forum. As long as I know it will get fixed, and allow me to keep using the Canon gear that has served me so well for so many years, I’m good.
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