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Canon Image Transfer Utility 2 - crashes if left running???


I want to leave the utility running permanently on a Windows Server machine that I have running 24/7. The problem is that it always seems to crash if it's left running for an extended period, so I always have to login and restart it whenever I want to upload photos.

Has anyone got any tips for an 'always on' upload solution?



You can share more info about your environment if you wish.  Version of the EOS Utility, version and build of your server OS, etc.

My "always on upload solution" is a card reader.  If you are using the EOS 2 Utility, you must be using an older camera.  A card reader will solve all of this.    

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I'm using v2.2.20.0 of the Image Transfer Utility 2. O/S is Windows Server 2022  Standard, version 10.0.20348, Build 20348. The machine doesn't have a built-in card reader, hence why I wanted a wifi-enabled camera to make uploads more convenient (I have an SX70 HS).

Well, that was the plan....

As a rule of thumb,a Windows Server OS isn't a standard OS that is supported by our software. If the OS has a built-in image transfer mechanism, you might try that, or virtualization of a consumer OS within your Server OS environment, or look into our cloud-assisted solution,