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Canon EOS Web Utility + 70D - Screen Cutting Out



I have a Canon 70D camera which I am using as a webcam to stream live yoga classes over Zoom. I have the camera connected to the computer, I am using a battery adaptor plugged into the mains for constant power, am using the Canon EOS Web Utility and everything works fine.

However, after about 30minutes when I am in the middle of my class, the shutter will sound, the screen goes black for a second displaying "Canon EOS" with a cable symbol. the shutter opens again and everything is restored to normal.

As my classes can be 90 minutes or more, this is causing some disruption as my students cannot see me when the screen goes blank. The interruption lasts for about 1-2 seconds. I have the camera set to 'Auto' and I have the auto power-off feature disabled.

I would like to be able to use the Live View function so that the camera works as an external video camera for live-streamed Zoom classes without it cutting out if that is possible.


Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this issue?

Thanks for your help.




"I would like to be able to use the Live View function so that the camera works as an external video camera for live-streamed Zoom classes without it cutting out if that is possible."


When using the Webcam Utility, the camera should be in Movie Mode, not Live View.  If you wish the stills camera to emulate a video camera, then switch it into video mode.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Sorry, I used the incorrect terminology. 


 I am using the camera successfully with the Webcam utility. The camera is in Movie Mode and connects with Zoom and works fine. 


However, the issue is that after approximately 30minutes, the camera disconnects for a second (you can hear the shutter making a sound) and then it clicks back in and works fine again for another 30 minutes or so. 


Is there any ya to prevent these interruptions to filming?



Are you recording, or do you just have the camera in Video mode?


You don't have to record. 

Hi Stephen,

I am using the camera in video mode. I have it connected via USB to my Macbook Air to use it as an external webcam for to host yoga classes on Zoom. 


There is no card in the camera. I am not recording anything on the camera. I am recording each session using Zoom's native record function. 


I hope that makes sense? 

Quick update. After contacting Cannon they have stated that it is not possible to use this model (Canon 70D) as a webcam without it cutting out every 30minutes. This is apparently a setting that cannot be changed. 


As a workaround, has anyone ever tried taping the shutter button down half-way so that the care is then effectively 'in use', perhaps preventing it from cutting out every 30 minutes? 


Any help/suggestions would be appreacietd. Thanks 

Hi Brian979,


Thanks for your reply.


As you suggested, pressing the shutter halfway down can reactivate the camera and prevent it from going to sleep.


That said, I'm not aware of any tests we've done on our cameras where we press the shutter halfway down for 30 minutes or more, so that is not something I can officially recommend. Instead, you may wish to have someone who keeps an eye on the camera and presses the shutter halfway down every 30 minutes or so.

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