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Camera Connect App is extremely slow

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Since I got a new phone the app has been extremely slow. It easily takes 4 minutes to download a 12 second (video) clip. Downloading 10 pictures will take around 55 seconds. The app will download the video (jpeg) reduced and the movie (MP4 FHD) compressed.


The LED on the camera will turn on (red) briefly and then remains black for a long period of time (10/20 seconds) when I try to download a clip. It appears that the app doesn't make any download progress when the camera led isn't on.


I've tried:

  • Phone back to factory settings
  • Reinstalling the app
  • Removing the connection information in the camera + phone and re-adding them


I connected my phone and the camera to my home network. This did speed up the download immensely, my 12 second clip was downloaded in 1 minute and 30 seconds. That is way better than a direct wifi connection but still not the speed that I was used to. I suspect that it is a (wifi) setting on my phone, but I'm not sure which setting and how to fix this. Does anyone have any clue what might be wrong our what I can try?


I'm using:

Blackview 9500 Pro; Android 8.1.0

Canon Eos 90D




I'm an Android user for 11 yrs.  Currently Pixel4, Android 11.


Your phone does meet the OS and hardware requirements for the Canon Connect App, but the apps systems requirements does state that it will not work with every Android device. 


What it might be.  Your wireless is a/b/g/n

BT: 4.2


My Pixel:


BT: 5.0


Its possible the wireless chipset in combination with the older skinned OS isn't capable of higher bandwidth.  Another factor might be compatibility between the wireless chipsets in the camera and phone.  These are just a guess, I have no way to validate.


I doubt there is a setting that will boost wireless perfomance.  This is more of a it works or it doesn't type of scenario.


The performance you describe when directly connected seems to be a little more than double what I might typically see during transfers.  I don't use the App at home on a Wi-Fi network, only when I am out shooting and want to share.


The steps you performed are customary when troubleshooting this type of issue and are exactly what I would recommend or try myself.   


I fear this is a technology hurdle you might not be able to overcome with the hardware you are pairing.  If Pie is avaialble for the device, you might try it as well.

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Thank you for your reply. I currently have a ticket open on the phone manufactor forum, maybe they can hotfix it or give me any suggestions.


I've tried my old phone (Honor 9) and there I can download 10 photos in 6 seconds and a 12 second videoclip in roughly 30 seconds. The Honor 9 also has Bluetooth 4.2 (just like Blackview), the wifi on that device is a/b/g/n/ac.


Unfortonatly Android 9 isn't available through the manufactorer. I can ofcourse root the device and try upgrading with a custom OS but this might make some hardware features (like the fingerprint sensor) buggy. Currently it isn't my intention to manually upgrade the OS.


The download speed for photos is slow but workable. I've currently ordered a USB-C SD Cardreader, hopefully I can directly read my camera SD card with my phone (this would be really helpfull to transfer video). I also ordered a Micro-USB to USB-C cable, that way I can directly connect my Canon camera to my Phone, I did 0 research on this and I've no clue if the camera or the phone supports this.


Same problem on Pixel 4a with android 11 on a Canon 750D. Did anyone managed the problem?



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I eventually learned to life with it. I didn't find a solution.


I'm using the Camera Connect app to download images. Just tested it again and it took 30 seconds to download 6 (reduced) photo's from my camera. The camera and phone where within inches of each other. This is still considerable slower than my previous phone (10 photos in 6 seconds) but I learned to accept this slowdown.


Video is totally unworkable with the app. I've bought a cable to connect to the mini USB connection on my Canon and attach it directly to my phone. The camera acts as expandable storage and I can directly access all the files.

@Anonymous wrote:


Video is totally unworkable with the app. I've bought a cable to connect to the mini USB connection on my Canon and attach it directly to my phone. The camera acts as expandable storage and I can directly access all the files.

I contacted Canon Support in regards to tethered shooting on an Android tablet. The answer I got back is that you cannot have a wired connection between Canon cameras and Android, ( which I know is not true because people are using DSLR Controller and DSLRDashboard in older models).

The Support person told me I could only use Camera Connect in a wireless mode




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