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EOS Webcam Utility not seeing my connected 5D MIV


I think I'm close but something just not working right.  Can anyone help?

Here is my setup:

- Canon 5D M IV.  Wi-Fi off.  Camera in video mode.

- MacBook Pro running Big Sur 11.2.3

- EOS webcam software loaded.  Reboot.

- OBS broadcast software.  Checked settings so it has access to my system.

- I'm using a cable USB Micro B 3.0 (camera side) to USB C (laptop side).  Same as I use for Lightroom teathering just fine.


OBS sees the EOS webcam software.  WIthout the camera connected, I see a EOS Webcam Software screen with plug and red X.


After turning camera on, I plug in the cable to the laptop.  Camera clicks and camera screen shows PC icon.

But OBS screen doesn't change, still showing EOS webcam software with same "plug with red X" icon.

For some reason, EOS webcam software is not finding the camera.


Best I know, I'm not running other EOS softrware.

Lightroom / Photoshop off.  Can't see any conflicting software that would hog the connection.

I know the cable is good because I can teather with Lightroom.

Any suggestions?



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