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Canon EOS 70D and Connect App Rating System Not Working!


Hello Canon Forum,

I am posting on here to see if someone could please help me because I am getting increasingly frustrated at the camera connect app but don't have any alternatives to it at the moment, here is my issue:

I rate my selected photos on my camera with a 3-star rating, so that when I go into my app I can select just the photos I want to export and edit using lightroom on my phone or other devices. However recently this feature has failed to function on the app. All of my older 3 star rated photos are showing up, but some of my most recent photos that have the rating are not showing up. It is also not just 3 star photos too (although it used to work fine if I switched the rating to 2 or 4 stars) as not all of my 2/4 star ratings are showing up either. The strangest part, is that if I am connected to the app and I go into a photo with a 3 star rating that is not showing up, change it to 2 stars and then back to 3 stars it will show up on the menu under 3 stars, but as soon as my app disconnects it will become invisible again. Also in my camera connection settings it says there are 206, 3-star images but the app is only displaying 194. though when I go into the app by date I can see all the recent images. This is really frustrating to me and I need to know how to fix this. Here are some things I have tried:

1) delete and reinstall Canon camera connect

2) delete and change camera wifi connection on phone.

3) reregister camera using camera connect app

One thing I have not done yet is delete the app, then delete the wifi connection on camera, then re-set up wifi on camera, then reinstall and reconnect app. But I am not sure how this would help.

If you can, please advise what I should do to fix this issue or help me diagnose the problem!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi armyofinsects,

I'm sorry to hear your photo ratings aren't showing correctly in the Canon Camera Connect app. Another thing to try would be to either create a new folder on your memory card or load a new memory card in the camera, take some test photos, rate them, and check to see if the same thing happens. It could be that there are enough photos saved on the card that it is causing some of the ratings not to load correctly in the search.

If you need the steps to create a new folder on your memory card they are shown on pages 149-150 of the manual. If you need a copy of the manual it is available HERE. Once you are on the web page click on the Manuals button and the one to reference is named EOS 70D (W) EOS 70D (N) Instruction Manual.