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Canon Camera Connect app not opening



My app was working o.k till this week (I use an ipad and version is up to date).  Now if I tap the app icon, it either reverts to the home screen of the ipad or opens a different app.  I’ve tried rebooting, I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling multiple times and even from the “open” button after installing it doesn’t open.  None of the other apps on my ipad are misbehaving.  Has anyone else experienced these sort of problems?  I’ve also tried to find a way to get support from Canon app but the app support button doesn’t do anything and none of the websites seem to have contact details that are working!  
Bit frustrating to not be able to get my images off my camera.  Any advice would be great!



Me too! I have an m50 and this is super frustrating! I was worried it was an android only problem and they are not going to do anything about it. Let me know if anyone has a solution or if they start working on fixing the problem. 


A new version of CC for iOS was released on the 20th .  Not sure if its related to what being reported.



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