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XA-30 Blank Screen on "Camera" mode


Hello All!


       I have an old XA30 and if I switch to Camera Mode I can hear an audible "click" like it is turning on but the screen remains black and the viewfinder is black. I get no digital display. No controls are visible, & I cannot record. BUT if I shift to Media, The screen works and I can see any clips on the SD card and any controls work those menus... so the screen "works" and isn't broken. These is also a power issue. when I power "off" the light stays on like it is still powered "on". I have to remove the battery to turn it "off". The glitches continue... I can only get the "media" menus if I switch it from the off to the media first. If I go to camera and then switch to media the media menus will not appear and the screen remains "black". Any ideas what thew problems could potentially be? I am guessing the internal conponents/software are basically fried/worn out and the camrea is dead. If you need further elboration, let me know.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi teacher_dave,


Thanks for checking in with us.


Since the LCD seems to be working in the media mode, I suggest that you inspect the front of the lens to make sure that it is not obstructed by the lens shutter or any other item.


It might also help to inspect the buttons on the camera to see if any button appears stuck or out of place. If so, try to nudge them back into position.


If you can access the menu, look for the RESET ALL option, and then try doing additional tests.


If problems persist, I suggest that you email us at with details about your camera, your date of purchase, and the state from where you are sending the camera, and we'll walk you through the repair process.