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Vixia HF R82 menus do not match manual


I have a new HF R82 running firmware. There do not seem to be any firmware upgrades, but my menus definitely do not match the manual I downloaded labeled 280HFR800K. 


I am trying to upload files via WiFi to an Access Point. I configured the access point SSID and password, using the "discovery" method, and all seems correct. But the instructions on page 180 say:


1. Touch Home > Remote Control+Streaming] (from record standby mode)

2. Touch the desired setup method.


At this point, however, I don't have any "setup methods" displayed. I have camera icon with a smartphone icon overlapping it, a globe icon with a smartphone icon overlapping it, and a wrench. Selecting any of these ges me nowhere, because all the options are grayed out. 


Am I missing something in these instructions? I wish the manual had screen shots rather than just cryptic icons. I have no way of knowing, from the manual, if I've arrived at the correc screen.