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Vixia HF G40 won't hold brightness setting


Hello.  This camcorder is excellent in all areas except for two things.  I can't get it to save the OLED screen/viewfinder brightness setting.  I change it from NORM to BRIGHT, and as soon as I shut off the camera it returns to the default NORM setting.  It's aggravating, especially when I'm in a bright light situation and I have to stop and re-do the settings.  Any suggestions?


As a side issue, I can't get it to recognize my wifi network, either.  Thanks.


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Rising Star

Once you have all the settings on the camera as you want them, you can save the setup to a second SD card in slot two. So when you turn on the camera again a simple import puts all your settings back. My pet hate is the camera defaulting to auto exposure if turned off. I have used the wi-fi option, but found it slow so don.t use it.

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Thanks, but that sounds like more work than it's worth.  This is the only setting that does not hold.  The camera holds every other setting just fine. The user manual tells how to vhange the setting, but makes no reference to the camera defaulting back to NORM after shut down.  It does allude to the fact battery power is reduced in the BRIGHT setting, so, although Canon does not specifically say, from what I have experienced, my belief is that setting will only hold BRIGHT for the session it is used for.  It returns to NORM as the default on re-start.  If anyone knows different, I'd love to know the secret,

True. Just tested the saving a backup to card B. OLED/VF Brightness does return back to "normal" when powered back on.

Even though I did the backup, there was no change.Maybe I am missing a step here.

My finding is that the backup is not referred to (or loaded) upon power up. Maybe there is something else that has to be done, manually?