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Stereo Audio into XA35 ?


Newbie to video, experienced project audio studio, pro musician.   Goal - high quality HD video with stereo audio, with more online presence vs. so much on the road.  Possibility of DVD production for sale, but at least YouTube exposure. The brand new XA35 is fine in video quality.  For you won't have to look it has a 3.5mm TRS input called "mic input" and two XLR inputs called "input channel 1 and input channel 2".   I am recording music performances with usually more than one musician, with mics into high quality mixer.  It is my preference for vaious audio guy reasons to use the XLR L/R outputs from the mixer into the camera.   Just a preference...not set in stone.  So first stupid video cameras not record in stereo ?   The built in mic options in the manual indicate there are directionality settings for the built in mic only, but the built in mic is completely inappropriate for what I want to instrument mix with a stereo field on instruments, some quiet, some loud, to include the L/R pan signals coming out of the mixer, to give width to the if on an audio CD for example.  Is this not possible ?   I've poured over the manuel, and it appears this camera has the ability to record to INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 simultaneously, but for the sole reason of just having a copy of the audio, not stereo imaging.  It would be very much appreciated if someone would answer the stupid question above, but also, if it is possible to record stereo audio, how else can I do it ?   Thanks so much,

Gary Gallier


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Yes, it records in stereo. You just have two independent XLR inputs which can be set to mic or line and can be switched to mix the signals or record them seperately. With the XLR inputs set to line input your mixer stereo out L & R goes to the two XLR inputs. Forget the 3.5mm mic jack, that is for cheaper on camera mics. Page 88 of the manual explains the switch settings.

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Thank you so much.  I will do a test shoot this weekend so I'm sure I've got things right.   FWIW, prior to posting I did read pg 88 through 90 of the manual, and I think that is where the problem lies.   The only mention I could find of directionality settings was specified for the "built in Mic".   And it seemed to me they were indicating recording to XLR Input Channel 2 was only for making a backup copy of the audio.  I could not find a reference anywhere indicating that recording both to Input 1 and Input 2 resulted in a stereo image.  What you have said falls right into where my logic from audio experience falls.  I simply could not understand how someone could make a camera that with two XLR inputs, each receiving a different signal, would not result in a stereo audio output on playback.  I fully agree the mini jack mic input seemed like a cheap and easy to wear out input.  Again, thank you.

Gary Gallier