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HF G50 mic input audio hiss & artefacts

hi all -
we just got a Canon Vixia/Legria HF G50 camcorder to to stream and record seminars. we want to take the audio from our sound desk (a Mackie 802VLZ4) into the Mic input, but so far I’ve been unable to make it work without a lot of hiss and a strange artefact: a mechanical-sounding whirring noise, similar to that of an old-school film projector. that’s a deal-breaker as periods of total silence are an integral part of the seminars.
to resolve it, so far, i have tried:
* mic-level signal from the mixer’s balanced XLR main outputs via a dual XLR to 3.5mm / ⅛” stereo minijack cable;
* line-level signal from the same outputs via the same cable, with the mic level control set way down at 1;
* line-level signal from ¼” jack outputs via a shielded dual ¼” jack to stereo minijack cable, with mic level control way down as above;
* line-level signal from balanced XLR outputs with mic attenuation ON and output level set low;
* line-level signal from ¼” jack outputs with mic attenuation ON and output level low;
* i also tried a different dual ¼” jack to stereo minijack cable as above.
in all of these cases, while i can get decent levels, the artefact persists.
interestingly, while it certainly sounds like a mechanical whirring, in one of the above cases (can’t recall which but it was using a dual jacks to minijack cable), the whirring noise stopped several seconds into a period of silence (leaving just the hiss) then restarted immediately the music i was playing through the mixer resumed - then when i stopped the music again it persisted once more for several seconds into the silence before stopping again.
the mixer is generally very quiet. at the same time as this hiss and whirring noise was being produced on the camera, the mixer was sending a completely clean signal to headphones and an amplifier and a digital recorder. the issue is definitely manifesting in the camera.
have we got a defective unit here? i’d be very grateful indeed for any help!
many thanks,