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EOS R5 C Audio getting clipped


Hi community,

I am a Canon customer for many years, I had the EOS77D, then the 6D, and now the CANON R5C. I always used my RODE PROMIC, and with all my camera to have the best audio I lowered the level nearly at the minium, and put my Mic at +20DB.

With the CANON R5C, I started using it a LEVEL 10, which works well for a time, then I noticed my audio started to be clipped.

Now I figured out that when you put the audio level below 16, (15 to 0), besides lowering the volume of audio input, it lower the maximum limit, which means at a certain level (10) my audi are always clipped.


So you can see with a real test , on this next video (3secs) I recorded the same audio with Chanel 1 at level 16, and chanel 2 at level 10.

As you can see, the maximum level will be different., and the audio of chanel 2 is stuck and will be clipped.

The result will be like in this video


So as you can see the issue is from the camera. I tried with many diferents mic, it always the same. The thing is to get the perfect audio, level 10 was the best, because I got 0 pitchy sound, and with the +20DB of the mic the voice was perfect. But now, I cant do that anymore, and I really dont know what happened, or if someone has the same issue.


I factory reset my camera 2 times, updated to the last firmware available, nothing.


Thank you!


And the s





Since you now have 2 posts on this topic and have not found a solution, I would suggest reaching out to Canon Support.  

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