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Vixia HF G20 video streaming


I have a Vixia HF G20 and was wondering is it possible to record and simultaneously stream video through the HDMI port



If you have the camera.

1. Connect the camera using the mini HDMI out port, to a T.V(with HDMI input port)

 Mini HDMI to standard HDMI cable comes with the package.

When the camera is connected to the T.V, you will see the same video on the T.V and on Camera LCD monitor.


2. Now start recording while watching the T.V.

3. Now stop recording and play the recorded *.mts file from you SD card in the camera on your computer.

4. Make sure that what you see in the playback, was what you saw on the T.V screen.

That proves that the camera is recording the same, what it is streaming to the T.V


Usually that is the norm.


Note: The hdmi out stream is not compressed.

But the recoreded stream is compressed using H.264 encoding.

So on your SD card you will get 1 hour video taking  around 8 GB space, at 720p resolution.

But if you save it as uncompressed video, it will take almost 10 to 12 times the size, around 110 GB.

You can get Uncompressed stream only  if you are tapping off the HDMI output of the camera,

you would need a special device (Black magic hyper deck shuttle $345) to store it.

You cannot get uncopressed video on you SD card.


If you want to stream to Youtube/Facet book etc, then you need to connect the HDMI output to another device
called Teradeck VidiU (700$), this will send the HDMI stream(compressed) to Youtube or facebook etc, for live streaming.


Hope that helps.









What that previous explanation was so long.  If you want to "LIVE STREAM"  use the AV out tht goes to RCA. Get an RCA to HDMI adapter.   Then you need a way to catpure it a like an elgato capture card. And then a decorder like OBS which is free.  I'm not sure the previous person understands "streaming"  it's not a record and playback later. 

Why is it necessary to connect RCA to HDMI? Would HDMI into a capture card not work with the HG20?