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I have a Canon VIXIA HF G20. I use the software that came with the camera to import 

the video's and store them..


I was backing up the video's to another hard drive and all the date's created was changed

to today's date. This nade all the video's only show up in the year 2020. All the other

year's where blank. How can I add metadata to the video's like you can with music files.


I want to be able to have the date, time, place, etc. added to the video's.


I all so need a better program for Organizing the video's. Is there a program that will 

import them and keep a database of all the clips by year. Just like the one that came 

the canera but with more features. I have Vegas video and Adobe Premiere Pro.


Is there a AVCHD video clip organizers that is not to expensive.

Im looking for some thing that will work on window's 7 or 10 64 bit.


Thanks for your time 

Mr Golf


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


Usually the "date modified" would change but "date created" shouldn't unless the program you were using made some kind of conversion. Re-adding metadata in that case is not something most programs can do, unfortunately nothing that Canon makes can do that. You may have some luck getting the files mostly in order by ordering them by file name though.

The program that I use is Video Browser that came with the camera, It takes the video’s takes them from the

SD card on to your computer into folders by date taken. After copying and pasting the video onto another

hard drive all the videos then shows up under the newsiest date. If done today all the video’s will then have

Aug 2020 as the date. all 500 gigs of video’s will be affected. I lose all the dates I tried using Microsoft Richcopy

and it keeps the date stamp the same as original created. Its ok for short term but its no good for long term.

I need a database program for clips.


I was suggested to take a look Adobe Bridge.


Thank you for you input Thanks again for your time. Mr Golf

Any one Out there that canhelp no one seems to know the answer????


Maybe I'm missing something, but why is there no tool available to easily import, catalog and keyword digital video?                   


What am I missing? How do others import/archive/keyword video? Photography software just seems light years ahead here.  [link removed per forum guidelines]