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Problem with Canon XA10 Integrared Microphone noise


Problem with Canon XA10 Integrared Microphone noise, I made this video that demonstrate the problem:



I recently bought Canon XA10 video camera, it is a 1080p camcoder.


The problem is that it records audio noise even in a silent room, I turned off everything, shutdown the computer, the air conditioner, and it still records audio sound noise.


I tried switching from automatic to manual, I tried reset settings, and the problem remains


I took it back to the store and they checked it and said it is fine, they told me I am not a professional and if I was a professional I would know that I should use an external mic to get good sound.


Then I was shown another Canon XA10 that has the same audio recording.


I find this unacceptable, I made this video to compare sound recording of Panasonic HC-V130 an iPhone 4S, both dont have this problem recording in a silent room.


I bought this camera in Israel at store name: jugend, their website: [link removed per forum guidelines]


What should I do about this? Is this normal for Canon XA10 to record this noise?