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XA45 Microphone holder

New Contributor

I recently purchased the Canon XA45 and bought an Azden external microphone.  Problem is, it's too small for the Canon Microphone holder.  Is there a rubber spacer available to purchase?  I can use the hotshoe attachment provided with the microphone, but would rather keep that spot open for other attachments.  Thoughts?



Super Contributor

Maybe see if you can find a rubber o-ring/grommet in a hardware/plumbing store that will work ?


Can't post the link but a YouTube search for "How to Mount a Shotgun Microphone on Canon Camcorders - XA11 XA30 C100 C300" will pull up a video where this was done.


I suppose you could also try wrapping some closed cell foam around the mic (e.g as used for insulating plumbing pipes) but I suspect the microphone would be prone to slip unless the foam tape has an adhesive backing.