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Canon Vixia HF R800: Is there any way create the bokeh effect?

Hi there, i got this camcorder back in December 2018, it is great for the asking 200 dollars considering thr huge zoom, 1080p@60fps and OIS

However, i do want to achieve the "blurry background" effect when i record myself, I tried to use the "Portait" Scene mode but all it does is brighten the image and is barely blurry (if at all).

According to the specs, it uses a f 1.8 lens, but no matter how much i look, there's no way to control the F aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.

Can i achieve that "bokeh" effect? How? And why can't i manually control Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO? Or if it is somewhere? Then where? Or must i update to some software? Or am i doing something wrong

Help, i really do want that blurry background effect



The lens in the RF800 has a focal length of 28~89.6 with a variable aperature f1.8~4.5. 


"And why can't i manually control Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO?"..  This is an entry level camcorder with a $200 price tag.


It allows basic control (via modes) "M" manual mode allows some focus and exposure compensation via the touch screen (Page 105) of your user manual, but fixed settings are not supported.  Focus adjustment, set the desired zoom, then use the touch screen to fine tune focus.  For exposure compensation, use the touch screen to bump exposure up or down (lighter or darker).


To give yourself the most control, use a tripod in a well lit room.  What you need to try and do is not force the camera to excessivley compensate for lighting since you cannot control your shutter. Using P mode and (portrait) with adequete lighting  is likely to give you the greatest control of DOF.  Your shooting conditions (lighting, focal length and distance to subject)  are going to be the key factors that influence what you can capture and the end result.





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