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How do I access the heads on Canon Vixia HV40 so as to clean them?


Yes - I know tape based camcorders are history but I still need mine to get all of the older footage I shot into my computer.


However, I can't access the heads very well simply by opening the cassette door - especially the big round silver thingy at the botton that play the tapes.


I tried taking the door off - but there is a small screw in the hingh part of the door that I can't get my screwdriver to work on as it keeps sliding off.  So I can't get that screw out and I don't want to press too hard for fear of bending it.


How do I clean the heads?


How do I get the door off so I can access them?


It's really hard to get at those heads with the door on!





Have you tried using a cleaning tape, easier than dismantling your camera.

yes - I used a cleaning tape but it did not fix the problem w blue screen.

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