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G30 - Pause Recording?


Hi all,


TOTAL n00b to camcorders.  Bought the G30.  My 7 year-old daughter is in gymnastics and as much as I have anjoyed shooting her with my still camera, video seems far better for this arena.


I have NO idea how to use this thing, although just playing around it's totally cool.  Anyway, my simple question (with I'm sure many more to come) is...  Can I "pause" recording?  What I mean is this...


Record a routine.  Pause the G30 somehow.  When her score appears on the board (usually about a minute later), unpause the G30 and that would make the routine and recording of the score one video file.


Possible?  I know I could combine two separate movie files together in software later, but that's too much like work.  LOL!


Is what I want to do possible, and if so how?  Thanks!



Hi WorldBuilder!


Thanks for the post and welcome to the Canon Forum.


Recording cannot be paused mid-clip and resumed later.  When you press the Start/Stop button, that ends the current clip and you will need to start a new clip.  The two clips will need to be combined later on after you download them.


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That answers that, thanks!