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File numbering HF R800


I initalized an SD card and when I put it in the camera, the number that comes before the date does not reset. That is depite the number resetting on my G40 with the same SD card.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Good morning,


It sounds like you may have the file numbering method set to continuous instead of reset. This is changed in your System Setup menu in the camcorder. You can find information on changing the file numbering setting on page 206 of the user manual (

While I am mentioning the R800 camera, why does it not shoot in AVCHD considering that previous models like the 700 do shoot in both MP4 and AVCHD?

Did you try initializing the card in the R800? Personally, I never use AVCHD. I want a higher bitrate than it can accommodate so always use MP4
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