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XA30 Scene Numbering


The scene numbering in the Canon XA30 is off by one digit from the file name on the card.


For example, scene 1 of 100 displayed in the camera is actually 00000.MTS on the memory card. Threw me off a bit when first using this camera.


Also, why can't the scene number be projected on the LCD when recording?

I find it annoying to switch the camera to Media ever time I need to record scene numbers on shot lists.






It's possible you can get this information to be displayed on screen by pressing the DISP button on the unit.  This will change the on screen displays that appear on the LCD.  You may wish to try and use a brand new, formatted in camera media card to address scene numbering on this unit. 

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My display is always on and the scene number doesn't appear on the screen. If there's a setting where I need to tell the camera to display the scene number, I haven't found that yet if it exists.



Hi Paul,


Pressing the [DISP.] button on the camcorder should cycle through different information viewing options on the LCD screen and at least one of these should show the clip number in addition to the other information. If cycling through all of the [DISP.] options on the screen doesn't show this, can you please tell me what shooting mode you are in?