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VIXIA Camcorder


Good morning! I am reaching out through this thread to see if anyone has experience with Canon Vixia camcorders. They have been my work horses for my video class. I have about 25 various models. R600, R80, R800....In the past week I have been getting FILE ERROR messages. I have watched youtube videos on how to reset the file numbering as well as reset the camera. It is still happening. Is there anyone on this thread that can help me troubleshoot/experience with canon camcorders? 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi mmcculloch,

Thanks for checking in with us.

You might run into file numbering errors when swapping cards that have been used on cameras with a different file-numbering system.

I suggest that you back up all the data on the cards to your computer. Then put the cards back into your camcorders and initialize then. On many of our camcorders, you can do that by pressing MENU then navigating to other settings and then INITIALIZE.

The file numbering should then revert to the file-numbering settings of the camera. If the memory card was using a foreign file numbering from another camera, it might help to switch file numbering in the menu to RESET so that it starts with a new count, instead of continuing from before.

Usually our cameras will indicate file numbering with seven digits. The first three numbers represent the folder and the numbers after that represent the image number in that folder. For example, 101-0107 tells us that the folder number is 101 and the image count in that folder is 107.