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Elura 80 - downloading movie


Good afternoon.


Well after using 3 different PCs and upgrading to Win 10, replacing the firewire adapter I gave arrived at yet another wall.


Currentley, the camera (Elura 80) is in VCR Mode with the DV IN on solid.  Previously it had been flashing.


Now the problem is that none of the software apps that can capture data, see the camera.


If I don't get these movies onto a disc soon, my wife is going to invite me onto her autopsy table.  🙂


Any ideas what I am doing incorrectly?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Donfarr,


First, let's look at your camcorder's firewire connection. To transfer movies, your camcorder requires a firewire cable with a Special 4 pin connector (IEEE 1394 compliant) for the camcorder and a connector (also IEEE 1394 compliant) to match the firewire port on your computer. Please note: A firewire to USB connector will not work.


If you're already using a firewire to firewire connection, the next thing to check for is the driver used by the firewire connection on your computer. Drivers should be updated for Windows 10. If the firewire port is built into the motherboard, you'll want to check with your computer's manufacturer or the manufacturer of the motherboard to ensure that you have the most recent drivers.


If the firewire connection is via an expansion board, I'd check with the board's manufacturer. Also, if there's an auxiliary power connection on the board, please ensure that it's connected, according to manufacturer's instructions.


You'll also want to ensure that the firewire cable is in good condition.

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