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Canon Vixia HF R800 - is there a max storage limit?


I picked up a 512 GB SD card from Amazon today that doesn't seem to be able to work with my Canon Vixia HF R800.

The usual formatting option is grayed out and I variously receive errors about the SD card being write protected or unreadable.

I can't think of two potential explanations:

1) It's a micro SD card with an SD adapter and Canon says that these tend to be more problematic than simply using a full sized SD.

2) 512 GB is larger storage than can work with the camera's firmware.

I didn't seem any mention of max storage capacities on the camera's spec sheet - only the recommended storage class.

Does anybody know if such a limited exists - and if so what it is?


I cannot speak to that particular model, but when I had my Vixia HF G50, I was able to use full size SanDisk UHS-I V30 256 GB cards without any issue.  With G20 and I think the G10, I used 128 GB versions of those cards at the time without issue.


Possible there would be a problem with 512 or larger, but I would first suspect the micro SD card size.  Those are notorious for causing issues with photo or video gear.


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I found a few 256 GB cards on Amazon that specifically say they're compatible with the HF R800.... so yeah I guess it must be the micro SD thing.
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