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Reluctant to update firmware


A few months ago I purchased a Canon XA40 with firmware version everything worked fine for the first couple of days until I updated the firmware to version and almost immediately it started showing various error messages ie. card not formatted, recording not possible, and more. Not knowing whether it was the update and according to Canon the firmware can't be returned to the previous version I returned tha camcorder for an exchange. I received another camcorder with the version and all has been well with it so I am reluctant to update the firmware again in case faults start appearing. Can anyone who has used the new firmware comment as to whether you have had problems or maybe the Canon team might read this and comment?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi beyontheblue,


Thanks for checking in with us!


As you may have read, the new firmware version for the XA40 adds the following improvements:


1. Adds support for the XF-AVC recording modes.

[4K UHD] 3840×2160 29.97P/23.98P/25P

[FHD] 1920x1080 59.94i/59.94p/50i/50p/29.97p/25p/23.98p

2. Adds [Custom Picture] modes that enables detailed image settings.

3. Expand assignable features to assign buttons.


We thoroughly test our firmware updates before releasing them, so simply updating your camcorder should not have caused the issue you described.


After doing the firmware update, it would be a good idea to initialize the memory card through the camcorder's menu option for that. Not only does that erase the card, but it also gets it ready to record 4K footage from the camcorder.


Don't be afraid to update your firmware.  Get the most out of your device.




Fully charged battery, Card formatted in the camera.  .fim file copied to the root of the card.  Follow the instructions.  You'll be fine.  

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No I can't risk it. The small amount of benefits that I would get from the update compared to the problems I had after updating the first camera just doesn't stack up. I wouldn't mind if I could go back to the previous firmware should problems arise but as Canon say that's not possible the risk is too great.

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I see you posted earlier that the firmware update failure turned out to be due to a faulty card reader in the camera:

Was that actually confirmed by Canon when you sent it in for exchange ? If it was due to a faulty card reader it seems odd that the camcorder was working OK before you did the update.

Nothing was confirmed by Canon as far as I know. My only contact was with the supplier of the camcorder. After I returned the camcorder they say they inspected it before making the exchange. Their findings were that the card reader was not reading the card properly. As the camera worked fine for a couple of days before I did the update and only developed the fault after I did the update it is unknown whether the update was to blame or it was a coincidence. 

When you returned it to the supplier did you tell them you had done a firmware update and that it was working OK before that ?

Yes, I spoke with the tech guy on the phone.

Good you got an exchange then. Personally I would go ahead with the firmware update, paying close attention to the recommended procedure. Your choice.